The Singled Person - The Book

With photographs by

Michael Ackerman, Morten Andersen, Thorsten Kirchhoff, Peer Kugler,

André Lützen, Hisashi Murayama and Filippo Romano.


The Singled Person was originally conceived as a projection for seven screens, viewable simultaneously. Seven photographers are presented in this book, sharing their different visions of the singled person.

In order to transform the projection into print form the different artists’ works are intermixed, emphasizing the central concept rather then the individual photographer and allowing the viewer to connect emotionally, as recurrent moments of life are summarized, displaced, connected, or just pass by.


Softcover 15 x 19 cm., 64 pages, Schaden 2009, ISBN 3-932187-75-X, EURO 18.00


There is also a special eBook edition on Apple Books with a lot of bonus content.

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